Hi everyone :)

I am Léo Hemamou, and welcome to my webpage!

I am currently a research data scientist in ICIMS in the Talent Cloud Artificial Intelligence Team.

In 2021, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science entitled “Automatic Analysis of Multimodal Behaviors in Job Asynchronous Video Interview”. My PhD was in collaboration between LIMSI-CNRS, Telecom ParisTech, and EASYRECRUE.

Research topics

My research work is pluridisciplinary as it combines IO psychology, machine learning, multimodal model, and social signal processing. I am especially interested in an automatic evaluation of hirability in the asynchronous job interview. Among the topics studied in the context of my Ph.D., I am focusing on personal selection, job interview, neural networks, multimodal representation, and interpretability.

The aim of my work is to :

  1. evaluate automatically the hirability of a candidate based on his video answers
  2. infer social competencies of the candidate
  3. compare the results obtained through machine learning with results in IO psychology, especially for non-verbal behavior.

I’m also interested in Fairness especially disentanglement models and adversarial methods.


My PhD work was supervised by

  • Jean-Claude MARTIN, Computer Science Professor at University Paris-Sud, conducting his research at LIMSI-CNRS.
  • Chloé CLAVEL, Associate Professor in Affective Computing, conducting his research at Telecom ParisTech.

I have intensely worked in collaboration with

  • Arthur GUILLON, Ph.D in Computer Science, Senior Machine Learning Enginneer in EASYRECRUE
  • Ghazi FELHI, Ph.D. Student at Université Paris-13